Auction Eve

The bidding is a few hours from beginning, Thursday April 25, 9am Eastern Time - 7am Nicaragua time.

Excited, nervous, relieved, would be a few adjectives that describe how we feel, but most of all we are pretty happy.

We have heard back from a few of you telling us your thoughts on the samples you cupped and that in itself has been very rewarding.

Our goal was to curate a fun table that would represent the best of what we can do in various categories.

It might have been hard to pick your “favoritos” from such distinctly different flavor profiles - or maybe it wasn’t.  In any case, we hope you all had fun cupping these coffees.

Good luck to everyone tomorrow.

Steve, Erwin & the Mierisch Family

SCAA & Still time to get samples


Its always great seeing old friends and making new ones at coffee events. We especially had a great time this past weekend sharing our best coffees at the Los Favoritos Auction Cupping we did at SCAA, a special thank you to those that came (and helped).

There is still time to sign up and get samples so if you haven’t done so sign up today!! sign up here.

Los Favoritos Auction


We are very pleased to collaborate with Alliance for Coffee Excellence on our (and their) first estate auction.

We have been keeping our eyes and taste buds on the look out for exceptional coffees that might have a chance to qualify in our first auction. This past week we began the hardest stage - choosing the qualifying coffees.  Our own cupping team has been working tirelessly in making these hard choices and we have reached out to our cupper friends to help as well.

We are very excited and a little anxious, but we are confident our coffee friends will be happy with the lineup. We hope this becomes a yearly staple for us, it is a very rewarding exercise that ultimately benefits the whole crop.

Inevitably we will be asked if all our coffees will be auctioned so the short answer is, no.  We are being extremely strict with what we are allowing to participate and because of this the quantities will be very small. Roasters and buyers we work with will still have direct access to our great coffees, only now you will also have access to the top .001 percent of our crop.

It’s a bit of a treasure hunt and it involves a lot of work.

We hope you enjoy our efforts.