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It’s not easy achieving quality coffee year after year.
It doesn't happen by accident.  
It doesn't happen with a certification. 
Mother nature can only take us so far - the rest is up to us.

It starts with a ripe cherry, then it's about care and diligence during the processing. It takes years of trial and error, cultivar & process experimentation, never being completely satisfied, acknowledging that we do not know everything, never settling for the status quo, and making personal and financial improvements to help us get to the next level.  Every harvest we know we can improve something, and we always try.


It’s a humbling effort that can only be achieved by focusing on one cherry, one tree, one day,  and one bag at a time. This focus allows us to achieve complete lot separation - giving us the opportunity to search for the jewels on the cupping table.


It’s not for the easily frustrated or the impatient. In some cases it takes up to 4 years to taste the results of an experiment. The reward of this work is the breadth of unique cup qualities in the lots we offer.  A variety of quality that means there is something for most.


This is what drives Fincas Mierisch. We hope you enjoy our efforts. 


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