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Los Placeres is our only Rainforest Alliance certified farm. With 40 manzanas (roughly 28 hectares) of protected areas, it is second only to Limoncillo in terms of land dedicated to conservation. In following with the goals of the Rainforest Alliance program, we aim to decrease water pollution, soil erosion, waste, water usage, and threats to environmental and human health. The most dangerous pesticides are prohibited, and all agrochemical use is strictly regulated. We make sure that wildlife habitat is protected by stopping deforestation, planting trees, and instituting buffer zones around river banks.  In addition, we strive to improve worker conditions by providing fair wages, decent housing, access to clean water, sanitary facilities, clinics, and elementary schools. 


Limoncillo - our only UTZ Certified farm - has the largest area designated to conservation out of all our farms, with 76 manzanas (roughly 53 hectares) of protected land. We make sure to follow UTZ's pillar, called the three P's (People, Planet, Profit), in order to better achieve sustainable farming. We provide training in better agricultural practices in order to increase our yield and cup quality, which also leads to lower production costs. UTZ empowers us to achieve more sustainable farming, while also improving worker conditions and protecting the environment. 


Although only two of our farms have certifications, this doesn't stop us from implementing the same practices these certifications require on our other farms. Our commitment to our employees and the environment is not tied to certifications or premiums. It's tied to a general concern for our fellow humans and our shared environment. 

It's due to our employees that Fincas Mierisch has obtained recognition in the coffee community. We couldn't have done it without them. Therefore, it's a crucial part of our operations to make sure our workers are happy and paid fairly. Since most coffee pickers live on the farm with their families during a harvesting season, all of our farms provide child daycare services and have access to elementary schools. Child labor is strictly prohibited on all our farms. During the harvest season, we make sure that the children of our pickers are provided free meals. Discrimination based on race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation is also not allowed in the communities. The majority of our employees (roughly 70%) are women. From coffee pickers to upper management, women have contributed greatly to our growth and quality. 

In regards to the environment, we make sure that we do not add any sort of chemicals to any plants that are within 5 meters (around 16 feet) from any source of water. Any water we do use during the wet mill processing is recycled in one of our biodigesters in order to make sure that it is not contaminated. The natural and honey processes do not use any water. In addition, we also make sure to preserve, and grow, trees on our farms. Trees not only provide shade and wind reduction, which benefits the coffee plant, but they also support the local wildlife and vegetation on the farms. Some farms, such as Limoncillo, produce their own renewable energy through our hydro powered turbines. 

The fact is, our planet's climate is changing (and rapidly). Our goals are to adapt to the incoming changes, but also, most importantly, to mitigate our own effects on the environment.